December 2, 2017

12:00 - 2:00PM

Attendees: Sara, Chris L., Melissa, Steve, Kelsey, Dylan, Mari Meeting start: 12pm End Time: 2:37pm


Past events

  • None to discuss

Chris L. to provide update on Solidarity Economy workshop

  • Chris spoke to events coordinator at Mayday to see if they’d sponsor. They agreed so Chris will see if CEANYC is on board.
  • Aiming to have the event in the Spring for better turnout
  • Sara suggested we have it after the April board meeting
  • Sara to forward Park Slope’s intra-coop email to Chris
  • How do we communicate/teach coop principles to our members so that the message trickles down into our external outreach?
  • Dylan suggested we use videos of member feedback, and/or Facebook page to help with our message - more transparency - how do get as much information from our members as possible? How do we connect to more people?

Chris L. to discuss Social Media collaboration

  • Hootsuite - open Outreach positions for social media liaisons (e.g. posting event pictures)
  • Dylan wants members to have the ability to post themselves
  • A conversation should be started between Dylan and Social Media

Upcoming events

  • Winter Bash
    • Is there anything left to take care of?
    • Sara to ask Sunrise if we can sell on her behalf
    • Sara to look into hot apple cider stand
    • Decorations
    • Chris to look into paper snowflakes and send out email blast to request decoration help
    • Mari to explore making decorations (something that says “BFC winter bash”?), also bringing lights
    • Melissa to confirm bake sale table

Mission Statement! Let’s finalize it! For real this time!

  • Chris to get some suggestions from outreachers, do a draft and pass it around
  • Dylan expressed strong sentiments around action and transparency (not just for outreach) - feels that every coop decision should be made public, and that to make a decision, instead of deliberating for months, individual should have the ability to just do it, then get feedback and iterate until everyone is satisfied
    • For example- can the event volunteers email the prospective members and/or upload pics under our social media accounts?
OutreachClaire Hung