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The goal of the Bushwick Food Co-op is to bring affordable and sustainably produced items to Bushwick and our surrounding areas. We strive to source products that are ethical, organic, and/or local.

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Our Impact

A community health report in 2015 revealed that 28% of Bushwick residents are obese and 13% have diabetes, ranking higher than any other Brooklyn or New York City community*. It is the mission of the Bushwick Food Co-op to reduce these numbers across our community, but we can't do it alone - consider becoming an owner today! 



thousand owners served

We've only just begun to service Bushwick's 114,134 community members*. When you join as an owner, you will be helping to create positive & sustainable change in our underserved community.



years serving bushwick

With 30% of Bushwick residents living below the poverty level & 55% experiencing a rent burden*, it is vital that our Co-op continue to serve our neighborhood with affordable local and organic foods.



Thousand fruits+veggies sold

Ranked among the worst of New York City communities for healthy living*, Bushwick's need for access to healthy foods is vital to reducing health related illness & death.


Get Involved

We are always in need of Owner and Non-Owner support. Since the Co-op is a non-for-profit & Owner-run organization, participation is key to our success and sustainability. If you're an Owner, consider stepping up to help further the efforts of the Co-op. For Non-Owners, we hope that we can convince you to become an Owner with us, otherwise we greatly appreciate donations - even from our Owners! 



As an Owner of the Co-op, you will be able to access our products at a low 30% wholesale mark-up. In exchange, an equity investment in the Co-op  and consistent work hours each month grant you access to all of the Co-op's products including special orders. Financial assistance is available, please read below. 


Unlike other co-ops, we invite Non-Owners to shop at our Co-op. Non-Owners pay an 83% mark-up, compared to just 30% for Owners. While we encourage everyone who shops with us to become an Owner, Non-Owner sales are a generous way to support the endeavors of the Co-op. We also accept EBT / SNAP!



We host a wide variety of events for both Owners & our community at large. Please check out our latest happenings and consider joining our newsletter for updates.


Donations are an extremely useful way to help us sustain our non-profit operations. Donations assist with rent, Non-Owner labor costs, repairs, debt, and expansion needs.


A gem in Bushwick. Highest quality produce in the neighborhood by far, great bulk goods, great everything else and all responsibly sourced. After a few trips the staff know members by name. Not the usual high speed dash through Whole Foods. Moral of the story, join the co-op!

David Fintell
member since 2017