Working to Build Community and Bring Good Food to Bushwick

Our Programs

Access is a key tenet of our Co-op, we offer several ways for our community members to access healthy, local & organic products for them and their families. Below are brief introductions to the programs we offer, please read below and consider joining our wonderful and growing Co-op!


non-member shopping

Unlike other coops, we invite non-members to shop at our Co-op. Non-members pay an 83% mark-up, compared to just 30% for members. While we encourage everyone who shops with us to become a member, non-member sales are a generous way to support the endeavors of the Co-op.



As a member of the Co-op, you will be able to access our products at a low 30% wholesale mark-up. In exchange, an investment in the Co-op of a set fee + consistent work hours each month grants you access to all of the Co-op's products including special orders. Financial assistance is available, please read below. 

financial assistance

We accept EBT / SNAP in store for purchases whether you're a member or non-member. In addition, members who can provide proof of government assistance may request a reduced investment fee & fee schedule for Membership.


Join the Co-op

Your first step is to come to an Orientation session. It only takes about an hour, and is a perfect opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have. From there, you will learn about our membership policies, how the Co-op works, and how to sign up for work shifts or a committee. Once you've worked your first in-store shift of four (4) consecutive hours, you can begin shopping at member prices. Plus, the orientation counts towards your four (4) monthly work hours, so you’ll already be on your way to contributing.



Orientations are held at the Co-op:
Bushwick Food Cooperative
2 Porter Avenue, Suite 107 (The Loom)

(347) 450-1087

membership Dues

Your initial investment into the Co-op will be due at the Orientation. In some cases, we can reduce the initial investment for qualifying members.

Member work

Our Co-op runs on member work, everyone who joins invests their time to maintain & further the mission of providing affordable local & sustainable foods to our community.