November 8, 2017

7:00 - 8:15PM

Facilitator: Chris Lepre Minute taker: Melissa H. Chris calls meeting to order at 7:15pm Meeting ended at 9:05pm Attendees: Sara V. (Board Member), Melissa H. (Email Manager), Chris Lepre (Co-chair), Christina A. (new Co-chair), Giles (Outreach member), Gerard (Outreach member), Steve (Coop member), Laurel G. (store manager)

Past event round-up

  • Rubblebucket Dream Picnic (9/30): Per Sara- very fun, we sold a lot
  • October CB4 meeting (10/18):
    • next one is next Wednesday
    • per Chris: good to show our face, establish we’re part of community.
    • Talked about Bushwick community plan to address local issues. See Cannot get involved much at this current time since they’re mid-project.
  • Smiling Hogshead Ranch Festival (10/21) Fran said it was a good event
  • MRNY Fall Harvest Festival (10/25) : Have not heard feedback from the volunteers
  • CalabazaFest (10/29) -
    • per Chris, really cool event, well decorated, lots of organizations there, traditional Mexican dances, kids in costumes.
    • We received a sign up from an all spanish speaker, so a new goal is to start providing our emails in a spanish version. Martina offered to help, so Melissa sent her two of our most commonly used Outreach-related templates. She has not provided translations yet; we can reaching out to other spanish speaking members for additional help (e.g Lindsay Cornelio, Bruce.)
    • Melissa suggested that we make sure our coop-wide emails are translated, such as the newsletter. As we currently do not have any Spanish-only Outreach members, but we may have Spanish-only BFC members, this seems like a higher priority.
    • We should start Communications conversation to see if newsletter can be translated since that goes to all coop members. Sara suggested we do a questionnaire to see what language(s) members want communications translated into, if any. Should be brought up in Communications meeting - Melissa to ask Fran who can do this
  • Hiking Trip - was on Sat and Sunday, around 20 people on Sat, and 11 on Sunday.
    • Very fun event, beautiful weather and foliage. Was easy to get there on Saturday since we had enough cars to carpool, and we additionally went to the Peekskill Farmers Market and the Peekskill Brewery.
    • Laurel camped in Harriman the previous night, suggested a winter hike in January there since they have fire pits

Upcoming events

  • MAFCA gathering (11/11)
    • Will have strong community programming, but due to distance and timing, not attending this one.
    • Chris to let Sue know that we cannot make it
    • Would be great if we can host one day
  • Winter Bash / Coop fundraiser
    • 4-5 weeks is good notice to start planning the event
    • We should replicate Summer Bash, which was donation-based and we made 60% of funds from raffle, 40% from door, and there were a lot of musicians
    • Need around 8 volunteers
    • Sara would like a table for committee signups
    • We should see if Fanciful Fox will table
    • Ask sourcing to request donations from vendors for the raffle
    • Chris A. can face paint
    • NEED TO SECURE DATE AND SPACE ASAP. Space suggestions: Footlights (Chris A. will reach out), BatHaus (Laurel will reach out), Trans Pecos, Starr Bar (Chris will reach out)
      • Transpecos $134 for staff, but no beer
      • Need to compare prices and see if the following can be accommodated: 8 hour afternoon event, family/pet friendly, price less than TransPecos, alcohol allowed, live music, ideally Dec 10
    • Giles suggested Coop battle of the Bands
    • Laurel will ask Mercury and Yasmina to do flyers
    • Ask Annie to organize musicians
    • combine with strategic planning meeting? No
    • Laurel to start Google Doc
    • Steve would like to use funds for a new checkout counter
      • We all agreed that $500 will go to the materials
      • Laurel wants to BKRot to pickup store compost ($15 per pickup). We currently have members dropping off compost to the city.
      • Next meeting we can discuss where the rest of money goes if we make >$500
      • Per Laurel, hanging baskets can make more space
      • Keep in mind that our lease ends in little over a year - hopefully we can get a loan and move to a bigger place with more foot traffic, and deeper in Bushwick such as Myrtle Wyckoff
  • Jessica Zamora’s Puerto Rico fundraiser idea - Jessica wasn’t able to attend, and we’re waiting for her to provide more updates. To be addressed by next meeting

Dry goods donation basket currently in the store- going to Audrey Jo Learning Center

  • any extra can got to Make the Road or other partner of our choice
  • Chris to send email to Outreach informing them of basket
  • Melissa to have it added to next newsletter
  • Tour of Kingsland Wildflowers - per, Sara, it’s a rooftop wildflower farm in Greenpoint, our contact wants to set up a tour. Melissa waiting to hear back on timeslots for next week.

Next meeting- ideally the first week of Dec 4th, we can have it in the Loom

Chris: Solidarity Economy workshop follow-ups- tabled for next meeting’s agenda

  • Sara suggested MayDay host an CEANYC event, and we talk to other food coops
  • Chris to follow up with Evan and MayDay

Mission Statement - table as first item for next meeting!!!

  • Chris to remind Sara to bring print outs
  • Invite Lindsay to next meeting since she’s been working on changing the Coop’s statement
  • decide on the 3 or 4 key values we want to emphasize, elaborate into a small paragraph, make a final draft and approve it


  • Chris Abdo (a.k.a. Christina) is now Outreach Co-Chair!
  • We should have a meeting to bring her up to speed (Chris, Chris, Melissa, and Fran?)
  • Lindsay of Communications created a PPT template (handbook) that we can add our guides to and send to new Outreach members (e.g. Talking Points)
  • Melissa to send a thank you email to all 2017 FM volunteers, asking for their feedback
  • Moving forward, we should ask volunteers to take at least 1 pic at events they attend
  • We should always sell at events if we’re able to
  • Chris will send Outreachers our notes from this meeting
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