Our Programs

Access is a key tenet of our Co-op, we offer several ways for our community members to access healthy, local & organic products for them and their families. Below are brief introductions to the programs we offer, please read below and consider joining our wonderful and growing Co-op!


non-member shopping

Unlike other coops, we invite non-members to shop at our Co-op. Non-members pay an 83% mark-up, compared to just 30% for members. While we encourage everyone who shops with us to become a member, non-member sales are a generous way to support the endeavors of the Co-op.

household membership

We are currently working on providing a household membership to our community to make it easy for you and your family to access the Co-op. Please check back with us, as we plan to roll out this membership in early 2018.

single-person membership

As a member of the Co-op, you will be able to access our products at a low 30% wholesale mark-up. In exchange, an investment in the Co-op of a set fee + consistent work hours each month grants you lifetime access to all of the Co-op's products including special orders. Financial assistance is available, please read below. 

financial assistance

We accept EBT in store for purchases whether you're a member or non-member. In addition, members who can provide proof of government assistance may request a reduced investment fee & fee schedule for both Single & Household Memberships.