Working to Build Community and Bring Good Food to Bushwick

Member Info

Welcome! Our Member Area is filled with quick links to common tasks, information about our Committees & position needs, plus valuable contact forms for each Committee. In addition, you will find resources to help you navigate being a part of a member-run Food Cooperative. Get started below!


In-Store Work shifts

Help out at the store and complete your monthly 4-hour work investment. Please review how to record hours, and scroll down to learn how to cancel a shift.


Your participation in meetings is vital to the operations of the Co-op. Please check our Events Calendar for upcoming meetings, and click below to learn how our meetings work.

Committee participation

Members can invest their time outside of the store by joining a variety of committees that are vital to the operation of the Coop. To join a committee, please scroll down. 


How to be a Member

One thing the Co-op is not, is a discount warehouse. We are instead a member-run & sustained non-profit organization. We cannot function without our members investing their time in the store or on a committee, as well as monetarily by shopping & paying dues. Learn more below about what it means to be a member of a food coop, and how to participate!




Same-day cancellations require that you call the store to alert them to your absence. Cancellations 24-hours or more in advance, please click below.

membership status

Been a while since you participated as a member? Not sure why you're not able to purchase as a member in-store? Please contact Membership by clicking below.

Membership Holds

Are you traveling? Is there a life event that requires your full attention? Not to worry, you can request an account hold. During holds, you will not be able to shop at member prices.


Co-op Bylaws

Every year in April, the Coop as a whole comes together to vote on amendments to the current Bylaws. We highly recommend you review this short document, along with the proposed changes up for vote April 9th.

Current Bylaws          NEW Bylaws Proposal


Special Membership request

Are you a new parent or caring for someone with a disability? Do you have a disability or a severe injury? Request modified hours & surrogate / family shopping below.

CanCel Membership

Have to leave the Co-op? While we hate to see you go, we require that you fill out our exit survey to process your request. Additional questions can be directed to Membership.

Meeting Minutes

Weren't able to attend a meeting? Want to get to know the Co-op better and see what we're up to? This resources holds meeting minutes for all Committees.



Our Committees are a critical function of our food coop. Just like any functioning business, people are needed to help maintain both the legal and functional structure of the Co-op, in order to provide our community with affordable access to ethical, organic, and local foods. Please consider helping the Coop by joining a Committee today!


Board of directors

The Board seeks dedicated members to join the team, working closely to help guide the Co-op toward its mission of social and environmental sustainability. Board members are responsible for keeping the Co-op financially stable, and for creating a positive work environment for employees.


Open Positions

  • Secretary
  • Board Members


The Communications Committee consists of Social Media, Newsletter, Blog & Branding. Our goal is to consistently create engagement & provide up-to-date information for our members. Help is desperately needed, so please reach out!


Open Positions

  • Chair / Co-Chair
  • Blog Writers
  • Graphic Designers


The Facilities Committee is in charge of the store's upkeep, interior design, procuring, fabrication & installation of display furniture & appliances. We are looking for leadership, helping hands, and anyone with experience building things.


Open Positions

  • Hands-on Help
  • Manual Labor
  • Task Force


The Finance Committee is a vital part of the success of the Co-op, and is in charge of balancing the books, creating & maintaining solvency, and running inventory. Immediate positions are needed to help keep the Co-op on track for a successful 2018!


Open Positions

  • Co-Chair
  • QB Bookkeepers
  • Inventory Team
  • Task Force


The Governance Committee is dedicated to overseeing the Co-op as a whole, helping to organize its internal structure and make sure that we are meeting both our community's needs and the State's requirements to run as a non-profit. We need your help, please reach out today!


Open Positions

  • Employee Manual Consultant
  • Task Force


The Technology Committee is responsible for making sure our POS system is running smoothly, and the appropriate hardware is functioning so we can streamline our checkout efficiency. On the back end, IT oversees the important IT systems that allow the Committees to work efficiently. Calling all who love technology!


Open Positions

  • Chair / Co-Chair
  • Coders


The Membership Committee oversees both new and existing members, their hours & dues. Orientations are a vital part of successfully on-boarding new members - please reach out if you'd like to meet new people & help grow our Co-op!


Open Positions

  • Orientation Helpers
  • Orientation Task Force


The Outreach Committee is integral to our mission to bring education and resources about healthy food options to the Bushwick community. Join us in spreading the love, meeting your neighbors and having fun doing it!


Open Positions

  • Event Coordinators
  • Minute Taker
  • Community Liaison
  • Social Media Liaisons


The Sourcing Committee is responsible for stocking our store with all of the healthy goodies you love to consume. We're always looking for foodies who want to help source delicious and ethical foods, and create great relationships with our Vendors. Reach out today!


Open Positions

  • Vendor Researchers
  • Vendor Relations