September 30, 2017

Outreach Meeting
2:00 - 4:00pm

Facilitator: Chris
Minute taker: Melissa
Chris calls meeting to order at 2:18pm
Attendees: Sara V. (Board Member), Melissa H. (Email Manager), Chris Lepre (Co-chair)

Chris: brief intro and overview of Co-Chair goals

  • There's a lot of clean up that's needed, and procedural things to take care of

  • We need 3 new positions: need of a Co-Chair , Community Liaison, and Minute-Taker

    • Sara suggested that minute-taker does not have to be the same person, it can be whoever has their laptop

    • would prefer to have the co-chair and Liason be somebody that's already on Outreach

    • many Outreachers haven't been involved in more than shifts

    • Outreach meeting should be monthly, and may have better turn out at public places like a bar

    • Chris to see if we can add the positions to BFC website

Melissa: discuss new procedures

  • Melissa moved mailing list to Google Contacts. This avoids copy/pasting, and allows for multiple list management if we need that in the future

  • Melissa has been creating Canned Responses in Gmail to store email templates

  • New process for Prospective BFC Members

    • Notification Rule has been set up so that Melissa automatically knows when new emails have been added to Prospective Members sheet

  • New process for BFC Members interested in Outreach

    • Notification Rule has been set up so that Melissa automatically knows when new emails have been added to New Member Registration Sheet

  • Current process for storing/posting event photos

    • pics have to be saved in Google Drive folder AND uploaded to smugmug

    • talk to Social Media about process upcoming Gen Meeting Oct 9 meeting to see if this can be streamlined (are both necessary)

    • photos can be sent to Fran for more real-time posts to Instagram

  • Processes are being documented by Melissa

Discussion of Previous Events

  • MAFCA meeting

    • Sara believes that Fran sent follow up email to organizer

    • Per Sara, it was a great event, most well attended, successful, helpful for us

    • Can we adopt ICA's cooperative principals, Sara will bring up if this can be officially voted on during next board meeting

  • Farmer’s Market 2017

    • follow-ups and learnings - how can we improve next year?

      • Per Sara, really good season: prices increased, we sold enough to usually cover cost of table

      • learnings: split table, have a small meeting for role playing so volunteers practice and learn our talking points

Sara: Board Liaison responsibilities and announcements

  • Sara is responsible to attend board meetings (giving Outreach Committee updates there) and making sure there are official meetings and agendas on calendar

  • At least one committee member needs to attend the monthly Committees meeting, Chris will try to attend.

  • Sara wants to organize 1 or 2 more Strategic Planning Forums that's a fun event perhaps in October (bar, public space), last ones didn't have good turnout

  • We have decided to move forward with Equity, figuring out timeline, Sara will bring it up at next General Meeting

Discuss upcoming events

  • Solidarity Economy workshop

    • Fran wanted to have a workshop for coop members, but it's costly (rent space, translation, etc),

    • To cut costs, Chris will reach out to other coops such as Green Hill, 4th Street, Windsor Terrace, Central Brooklyn Food Coop

    • Sara happy to host it, she's done several workshops.

Bushwick Community Plan


  • they want to do an evaluation to figure out what the community needs

  • Chris wants to attend their meeting to see how we can get involved, he will reach out to Celeste

CEANYC Fellowship Program

  • They emailed a proposal to us for a youth fellowship program

  • Sara doesnt think we're a good fit since we're a consumer coop not a worker coop, so we may not be able to teach them cooperative principles. Also, we don't have an office, and cannot pay.

  • Chris to follow up with CEANYC: informing them we want to transition to hybrid, and ask the following: Would a consumer coop be the right fit? How much can they compensate? Can we have them work 1 day, and/or spread out the hours? Do we have to provide workspace/housing?

  • Application process starts in February, ends in March

Upcoming Events Cont'd

  • CalabazaFest

    • tabling (no sales, as this costs $$)

    • bring table and chairs, and samples e.g. popcorn (ask Finance, CC Fran & Accounting about wastelogging, or ask Volunteers to optionally bring giveaway or crafts like pumpkin carving, face painting)

    • have not requested volunteers yet, need to ask for Spanish speakers

    • we can’t donate from the Co-op, but can we get members to make personal contributions (pumpkins, cider, apples, arts + crafts, workshops), request this as optional when asking for volunteers

  • Smiling Hogshead Ranch's Harvest Festival

    • have not requested volunteers yet; hours are flexible due to far location in LIC, no sales

    • Tabling (2x4 table with 2 chairs will be provided)

  • Fall Harvest Festival at MRNY*

    • very small event, mostly kids/teens, we should just give brochures

    • Chairs/table will be provided

Mission statement

  • Plan for next meeting: decide on the 3 or 4 key values we want to emphasize, elaborate into a small paragraph, make a final draft and approve it.

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