September 27, 2017

7:30 - 9:30PM

Chris’ Apartment, 1087 Flushing Ave, BK Board Members - Sara Vantournhout, Jason Finder, Chris Wong, Brittany Loomis

Call to order: JF - 8:12pm

Approval of prior meeting minutes (8/30, 9/11): BL - move, CW - second

Approval of current agenda: CW - move, BL - second

Member/Manager Conflict The Board has facilitated conversations with both Manager and Member separately to address prior concerns. Agreement has been made that the current structure still stands, and each will respect each other’s space while in the Store Incident Report Form will be kept on Manager’s HR file

Update re: Lawyer’s Alliance, Visa renewal JF to check status with Legal/David and Jess Jesse to contact Lawyer’s Alliance about future services, not immediate

Finance Update August 2016 vs. August 2017 sales are comparable, however September 2017 is down 25% compared to the year prior; assuming Members are using store credit Researching new options to bring in staple items, such as avocados and bananas Sourcing Committee will reach out to other local food coops about sourcing through them for these and other staple items; Fran to reach out to Park Slope

Board Communications, to Increase Transparency Moving Forward Re-introducing drop-in office hours for Board Members: answer questions, invite to Gen Mtg. Brittany - 10/1, 2-4p Jason - 10/3, 6-8p Sara - 10/8, 4-6p Chris - 10/1, 5-7p Jen - Confirm request for agenda items and location with GovCom for General Meeting JF to reach out to JW to coordinate Update email from the Board, including plan to move forwards To be discussed at later Strategic Planning meeting this evening

Committees Updates The Board to encourage Committees to have regular, monthly meetings so that interested Members can join, and keep/post minutes Meetings should be posted to the Coop calendar

Performance Review Update Forms are out, meetings are being scheduled Board Members to complete Doodle poll for participation in meetings

Vote to Extend GM Position Offer CW - Motion to extend an offer for the General Manager position to Francisca Sanhueza. BL - second CW to send out letter on Friday, requesting response by evening of Monday, October 2.

Member Recruitment CW to meet with Member evening of Thursday, 9/28.

Adjourn: JF - 10:03pm

Board of DirectorsClaire Hung