September 11, 2017

9:00 - 10:20PM

Jason’s Apartment, 33 Bushwick Ave #3, Brooklyn Board Members - Brittany Loomis, Sara Vantournhout, Jason Finder, Chris Wong Managers - Annie Horner Members - Jesse Ross-Silverman, Lindsey Rock

Call to order: JF - 9:23pm

Approval of current agenda: SV - move, CW - second

Update re: Lawyer’s Alliance $475 processing fee required to become a client of Lawyer’s Alliance, which would then enable the Coop to be paired with pro-bono attorneys. No additional fees for legal services. Potential need for in-person meeting to move forward Timeline: Application takes 1-2 weeks to process (payment after application approved), additional 1-2 weeks to be paired with an Attorney Alternative - submit application leveraging David Amar (immigration lawyer and member), takes 2-3 weeks to process. Next steps: Jason will call David and pursue option for David to file the paperwork for us, with Jesse completing the application If David is unable or unwilling, Jason will be the Liaison to the Lawyer’s Alliance and he will pursue the option to become a client JF: Motion to authorize application to become a client of the Lawyer’s Alliance. CW - Move, SV - Second

Performance Evaluation Recap Board to complete Performance Reviews for Fran, due 9/16/17 at 11:59p. CW to participate in all Performance Review Evaluations for all Managers.

General Manager Position Review (Job Description) CW: Motion to approve the General Manager job description. BL - Second

Vote to Extend Offer Timing: Pending 1) performance review [completed by 9/18/17], & 2) legal considerations related to visa renewals, may have impact on timing or contents of the offer. Next steps: Jason will ask David if a promotion complicates a visa renewal process. Finish performance evaluations. Coordinate an online vote to approve extending an offer, tentatively for Monday, 9/18/17.

Adjourn: JF - 10:20p.

Board of DirectorsClaire Hung