October 24, 2017

7:00 - 9:00PM

Chris’ Apartment, 1087 Flushing Ave, BK Board Members - SV, JF, CH, CW
Call to order: JF
Approval of prior meeting minutes (9/27): - CW moved, SV second
Approval of current agenda: SV moved, CW second

Interim Board Member Appointment - Claire A Hung: JF -- Motion to elect Claire A Hung as an Interim Board Member SV moved, CW second.

Update re: Visa renewal Offer of GM position has been made to Fran Sanhueza, response by 10/30/17 Visa application must follow finalized position, either GM or remaining.

Finance Update One week away from Four Seasons coming back online; fall sales have been depressed due to usage of store credit; debt balance has been reducing steadily albeit slowly.

Committees Updates Board Liaison reassignments Jason - Membership, IT Sara - Sourcing, Outreach Chris - Finance, HR, Governance Brittany - Facilities Claire - Communications Sourcing Committee Pre-sale turkey sales are being announced this week Holiday basket promotions Outreach Committee Holiday basket sales at holiday fairs Thanksgiving co-op dinner (fundraiser) - exploring bandwith Hiking trips on 11/4 and 11/5 (30 members already signed up) Tech Kevin settling in as Chair People interested in inventory project Finance should reach out to Kevin Membership Monthly updates regarding hours generating fewer mistakes and upset responses - done remotely for the first time Leadership is strong, Brittany getting acquainted Jason will address at a next Membership meeting Communications New member working on newsletter Next meeting 11/8, see BFC Calendar Facilities Developing new front desk, needs budget Working with Branding to design front of store

Performance Review Update Forms still outstanding, Chris will follow-up

Managerial Structure Update GM position has been offered, we will receive response by Monday 10/30 Back-up Manager has been offered, received tentative offer

New School Research Participation Contacted around participating in a survey Not doing it

CommComm: Exit Survey Creating exit process and workflow to help create transparency around membership warnings, suspension, then out; with option to exit of every step of the way with a survey. Exit Survey - previously reviewed by Board, see Comm Comm for draft Consult with membership, roll-out immediately; promote at next committee meeting

CommComm: Off Members and Odd Jobs Send email to members going to work alert; then suspended; then inactive (but rarely happens and no guideline around time) Move people to inactive; membership will develop time guidelines Rough guidelines, 2 months from suspended to inactive Want to give option of odd jobs for people to make up hours and get off suspension status CommComm Question - how can we find the odd jobs and make this happen? Committee Chairs and Store Managers can provide list of jobs Membership will weigh in on whether it makes sense to offer odd jobs, based on the number of available shifts and hours of work needed.

Adjourn: JF