May 25, 2016

7:00 - 8:00PM

Second Location Project Plan

Attendees: Jay Heiselmann, Polly Fossey, Jaime, Claudia DeMairo, Jerome, Tara Conway, Jessica Balnaves, Ken Carlino

Proposed Timeline

  • June:
    • Find 3-5 viable locations
    • Create budget / proposal
  • July:
    • Present findings at General Meeting
  • Project Involvement
    • Siting Task Force
    • The project will be lead by Store Manager, Jessica Balnaves and Member Jay Heiselmann. All members are welcome to join, especially those with ties to the real estate community and local communities of proposed new site.


Project Scope

  • Location (Jay / Jerome)
    • Past Dekalb / Knickerbocker, Wyckoff, Irving
    • Halsey L / Myrtle Wyckoff L
    • Agents / Talking / Rent Signs
  • Real Estate
    • 2,000 square feet with a basement: $4/5k (or large warehouse space)

New Store Amenities should include:

  • Basement
  • Running Water
  • Ground Floor Access
  • Subway Access
  • Community Access Space / Backyard


  • Involve local community
  • Financial analysis/need for 1 store vs. 2

Tasks and Action Items

  • Surveying new location (Tara to put in all member annual survey finding out where current members live)
    • How many members live in the area and would divert business from current location
    • Will the new location support a Coop
      • How do we assess this?
      • Talk to community leaders
        • Espanol / Celeste
        • Community Board - Letter of Support (Polly & Jaime)
  • Finance
    • What rent can we afford?
    • Include in budget: increased staff costs, inventory costs, equipment costs, rent (Claudia and Jess)
    • Hire: 5 new managers, buy new fridges, build walk in fridge, buy sink
    • 2 budgets for comparison - pros and cons of 1 store vs. 2
FacilitiesClaire Hung