June 27, 2017


7:00 - 9:00PM

Chris’ Apartment, 1087 Flushing Ave. #417, Brooklyn Board Members - Brittany Loomis, Sara Vantournhout, Jason Finder, Chris Wong Managers - Fran Sanhueza Members - David Amar

Call to order: JF, 7:11pm

Approval of current agenda: move - BL, second - SV

Approval of prior meeting minutes (6/15): move - SV, second - CW

Discuss Board Responsibilities: JF - Motion to establish Board committee liaison program to provide oversight and support to all committees with at least one Board member assigned to each committee. CW - move, BL - second Finance - Chris Budget Governance - Jen Legal Membership - Jason Fees Sourcing - Sara Facilities - Brittany Technology - Jason Environmental - Sara Outreach - Tony Communications - Brittany and Jen Branding Newsletter Social Media Blog Board members are asked to reach out to Committee chairs to inform them of the liaison program, request updates and plan to attend upcoming meetings If liaising on a committee without chairs, first priority should be to fill this position

GoMacro Bar recall The Coop received an unclear notification, with a lack of batch numbers, and spoke to a sales rep for clarification on June 16, 2017. At this time, the sales rep had not been informed of a recall. As of this date, to our knowledge, no recall was in effect for this item. The Coop received full knowledge of the recall, with batch and item numbers, on June 23, 2016. At this point, all notifications were posted throughout the store and emailed out to members. The last GoMacro bar was sold in-store on June 20, 2017. The GoMacro bars were pulled from the shelves on June 20, 2017. The contaminated batch has been contained in a plastic bag with proper markings that they are defective and to not sell. If GoMacro bars are not The manufacturer will be picking up the affected item for proper disposal. If items are not disposed of my manufacturer by July 5, 2017, managers will alert the Board. The manufacturer will be sending notification of pathogen testing results, confirming all other flavors are not contaminated and are ok to be placed back on the shelf immediately. No new orders will be placed until end of July.

DCA and DSNY fines DCA inspection: the Coop has paid the $40 inspection fee; we are waiting for paperwork for fine given from not having commercial address on our receipt and will reassess a plan of action Court date set for August 7th; Legal and Board member will attend DSNY fine: the Coop was in violation due to the placement of the chalkboard on the sidewalk, not being within 3’ of the store gate; Finance will pay fee this Thursday or Friday CW will research regulations around storefront maintenance to avoid further fines; these will be sent to Board and Managers FS will communicate with Branding and Facilities regarding where to now place the chalkboard

Staff performance concerns: JF - Motion to move into closed session; SV - move, CW - second JF - Motion to return to open session; SV - move, CW - second

Board executive authority Governance and Legal have confirmed the Board’s authority to enact the markup increase, with the acknowledgement that it is under an emergency contingency plan SV, through background research on cooperatives as a whole, shared that the Board should not require a vote from membership to enact policy, unless it is to elect Board members or if it affects the by-laws Governance has requested that membership remain involved with restructuring decisions The Board hopes to increase visibility by offering “office hours” in the store to answer questions, specifically on the restructuring process, adding in a note in upcoming Newsletters and acting as consistent liaisons to all committees By 6/28/17, CW will send a document with main talking points on the most recent Finance presentation; SV to reach out to Managers with best hours for drop-ins, will coordinate scheduling By end of week, Governance to compile history of engagement from Membership

Markup increase The Board has decided to put the markup proposal up for membership vote at the upcoming General Meeting CW will draft markup proposal JF will draft announcement to membership about “office hours” and vote at General Meeting Board will work on presentation for General Meeting

Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance - tabled

Jay’s Membership Transfer - tabled

CEANYC Board Training - tabled

Store key access follow up & key return/deposit policy - tabled

Outstanding membership fees and membership status (Jason’s update) - tabled

Strategic Planning Taskforce - tabled

HR Matters - tabled Board supervision responsibilities (SV & CW) Employment letters for all employees: Chris will review but would like input from other Board members Manager structure (GM) Manager scheduling system formalization HR Performance Evaluation Manager and staff visibility in-store Holdover items for near future Begin process for drafting for probationary managers; revisit vacation payout policy Trial shift policy Store Manager Visa renewal (revisited August/September) Manager liaison designations follow up Mission-critical & capacity-building functions within Committees

Adjourn: 11:20pm

Next Meetings: Open Forum: TBD July 4th Party at Jason’s