June 15, 2017

7:00 - 9:00PM

Sara’s Apartment, 573 Evergreen Ave. #2, Brooklyn Board Members - Brittany Loomis, Sara Vantournhout, Jason Finder, Chris Wong Managers - Fran Sanhueza, Donna Waterman, Laurel Garnett

Call to order: CW, 7:29pm

Approval of current agenda: JF - move, BL - second

Approval of prior meeting minutes (5/10/2017): BL - move, CW - second

Approval of prior meeting minutes (5/30/2017): SV - move, CW - second

Board Research Update (Sara) JF to research grant funding SV to continue meeting with other NYC coops and consultants for best practices DW to liaise with Sourcing on our best sellers, spoilers, expensive but demand, etc. Topic to be discussed at upcoming General Meeting

Board Responsibilities Board Expectations Moving Forward: 16-20 hours per month 4 = 2x board meetings (2 hours each, hard stop) 2 = Committee/General/Annual meeting 2+ = oversight duties - designated committees’ meetings 8+ = Projects and email hours Email response time Expectation to check at least every 48 hours Scheduling board meetings Firm start and hard stop Set up recurring board meeting date/time(s)? Alt - response time on scheduling emails Committee Oversight - first goal is getting chairs for every Committee and adding all Committee meetings to BFC calendar; to be voted on by full Board at next meeting Finance - Chris Governance - Chris Legal Membership - Jason Fees Sourcing - Sara Facilities - Brittany Technology - Jason (?) Environmental - Sara Outreach - Sara Communications - Brittany and Jen (?) Branding Newsletter Social Media Blog

Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance (Chris) JF to reach out to Legal to compile minutes from all Committees

Mark-up increase proposal discussion Memo to be sent to Membership this weekend: introducing short-term and long-term plans for restructuring; already implemented changes on Board expectations SV to draft announcement, Board to offer feedback JF to reach out to Technology for how to change mark-up in POS Membership forum: Sunday, 6/25 at 5:00pm

Coffee Grinder Fran calling DHMH tomorrow and will update afterwards

Store Art Mediation scheduled between Manager and Member regarding issue

Hosting Summer Intern Will suspend until next summer

Jay’s Membership Transfer JF to reach out to Membership, CW to reach out to Governance for clarification

Store key access follow up & key return/deposit policy: Tabled

CEANYC Board Training: Tabled

Meeting Joe Holtz (PSFC) / Inter-board meeting with GHFC Thursday, June 22nd at 7pm at Park Slope Food Coop

Outstanding membership fees and membership status (Jason’s update) JF to look into suspended members still shopping at member prices JF to ask Member to become head of Technology

Strategic Planning Taskforce Moving forward, to dedicate one Board meeting/month to this task Structure and official name TBD

10:05pm: CW motion to move into closed session and invite FS

HR Matters Board supervision responsibilities HR Modules and Tasks document to be edited Currently, SV and CW managing responsibilities Employment letters for all employees Board to review draft of Employment Letter in HR folder and offer feedback Manager structure (GM) Position responsibilities to be drafted with input from FS and CW Finance to review new structure implications Manager scheduling system formalization: Sara overseeing Will go into effect with new manager structure in July HR Performance Evaluation CW to send out to Board this weekend for feedback Manager and staff visibility in-store: Tabled Holdover items for near future Begin process for drafting for probationary managers; revisit vacation payout policy: Tabled Trial shift policy: Tabled Store Manager Visa renewal: Tabled until August/September Manager liaison designations follow up Mission-critical & capacity-building functions within Committees Potentially reducing Manager liaison hours

Adjourn: CW, 10:56pm