August 30, 2017

7:30 - 9:30PM

Jason’s Apartment, 33 Bushwick Ave #3, Brooklyn Board Members - Brittany Loomis, Sara Vantournhout, Jason Finder, Chris Wong Managers - Fran Sanhueza

Call to order: JF - 7:51p

Approval of current agenda: BL - move, JW - second

Approval of prior meeting minutes (7/27/2017, 8/2/2017): BL - move, JW - second

Member complaint re: Refund Policy Jason will reach out to Member directly to address concerns

Jesse - Finance Update Policy/procedures clarification for out of store work and PTO hours Finance chair requesting to pay out two separate checks to Managers, one for regular payroll and one for PTO hours/out of store work Changing dates of payroll does not comply with the current offer letters Visa renewal for Fran Quote from Leo is $2088 + two weeks to process application Fran will email Leo, CC Jesse and the Board regarding potential for free filing Store credit drive update Board to continue reaching out to Members to encourage buying store credit Finance to run report of 100 highest-spending members, send request to all or part of that list Options for credit/financing Lower East Side People’s Bank - can get a credit line, but must have personal guarantor Alternative is for a secured loan (i.e. line of credit equal to cash funds on deposit, in a Certificate of Deposit) Labor Day JF - Motion to close the store on Labor Day. CW - move, BL - second Fran to notify Membership via Social Media and post a sign on the door; current member workers to be notified

Debit Card JF - Motion to authorize the issuance of debit cards to authorized agents on our account with Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union. BL - move, CW - second JF - Motion to institute a quarterly Board debit card reconciliation. JW - move, CW - second The Board of Directors affirms its power to approve its issuance of debit cards. JF - Motion to authorize the issuance of a debit card to the Treasurer, Chris Wong. JW - move, SV - second Second authorization threshold CW - Motion to set the debit card secondary authorization threshold at $500, whereby the Treasurer must receive approval from the Finance chair to use the debit card for all expenses equal to and exceeding $500. SV - move, JF - second

Williamsburg Charter Partnership The Board has decided not to pursue.

Search for new GovCom chair / members Anne has identified interested members to fill this role JW to email Anne for email and password, status of upcoming Committees meeting

HR Matters - all to be discussed in upcoming scheduled closed session meeting. Manager structure (GM) Manager scheduling system formalization HR Performance Evaluations Manager liaison designations follow up Out-of-store hours

Strategic Planning - rescheduling meeting

Board Priorities - rescheduling meeting

Committee Updates from Board liaisons SV - Sourcing has closed meeting 8/31, will reach out to Outreach to schedule meeting soon BL - to reach out with CommComm and Facilities upon return to NYC JW - liaison with Governance and co- with CommComm JF - heavily involved in Membership, not much of an IT Committee as of yet CW - will draft an email by 9/17 to share with Committee chairs, explaining that Store Managers are no longer dedication liaisons and communication should be directed instead to Board liaison

Adjourn: JF - 9:47pm