August 5, 2017

Manager Meeting
9:00 - 11:00pm

Agenda & Minutes - August 5th, 2017 - Donna's House
Attendees: Managers: Laurel, Donna, James, Fran
Board: Jason F., Chris W., Sara V.

1. Manager Misc.

- Monthly Inventory

  • managers will take turn on rotation based schedule
  • not including the closing manager (so that we can have it at a reasonable hour)

- We will create a google doc that will replace most of the group texting as well as much of the manager notebook duties

  • can be actively updated even while we are out of the store with updates and notes for the next meetings (board, committee, manager, etc.)
  • will be on google drive in case we ever terminate 7shifts

- 7shifts text updates - yes or no?

  • James will turn them back on, will assess later

2. Vacation Times- 10 mins

- procedure re: regular/fixed shifts, "notification system"

- create google calendar for vacation times

  • notify board and cc other managers with vacation plans as well as vacation reminders
  • do not take yourself off of 7shifts without reminder in advance to other managers to find coverage

- reminder of days absent and coverage details

3. In Store Issues- 45 mins

- procedure reminders

- committee/annual/general meeting updates for the store

  • manager updates need to be created for each meeting
  • manager that is set to attend the meeting as per the rotation is in charge of the manager update

- manager behavior: greeting, sitting at desk, etc.

  • use POS 2 whenever possible, rather than manager desk
  • be proactive with talking to customers - make it a good shopping experience
  • focus on interacting with customers, being a good salesperson
  • training members before allowing them to go off and work

- proposal: manager updates/report to board (Laurel)

  • 1 Manager should be present at each board meeting to update them with in-store issues
  • Managers have access to board meeting agendas - can add points as they come up

- store@ email labeling

  • DO IT - makes it a lot easier to find them
  • reply to Fwds from info@ - or forward to appropriate committee

- all managers to request access to become admins of facebook page so as to respond to messages

- 7 shifts: available slots

  • Curate shifts more - remove late shifts (8-9:30pm), split 5:30-9:30 shift into 2 2-hour shifts - *5:30-7:30pm, 6-8pm, 7-9pm* new night shifts for any open and unpublished shifts
  • Add inventory shift to Sunday pm
  • Stop adding people to shifts that are already filled, creating excess of help when we don’t need it

4. FIFO and Inventory- 15 mins

- inventory: soon to be weekly, Sunday nights - working on splitting store into 4 to inventory each section each month - produce to be inventoried bi-weekly, mid-week shift possibly a sourcing task - new in-store volunteer task. - Donna's handout

  • each manager to look over and suggest revisions, to be printed out and laminated

- sourcing update

  • Inventory sheets getting processed
  • Sourcing folder - inventory sheets - test files
  • Looking into permanently deleting discountinued items
  • Working on transferring data so that we can do inventory again

5. Farmers Market- 5 mins

- procedure refresher (how-to)"

  • Friday evening manager duties*
  • Petty cash $20 in folder
  • No snacks
  • Sale items - 6 bunched items, 2 1lb honey, 4 berries, 2-3 loaves of bread
  • Print price sheet of items taken
  • Make list of what they took
  • Cross-check when they return with sales
  • Sunrise & True Leaves paying cash - run it as a sale under individual vendor with “FARMERS MARKET” sale item, then put into drawer
  • weekly taking out $5 from sales, put into petty cash folder for market expenses
  • $5 invoice scanned and put into Outreach folder

- shorter season

  • Ends September 16

6. Refund Policy- 5 mins

- review amendment & discuss procedure

- refund procedure reminders:

  • in-store refund procedure needed
    • how to run through POS (steps to be worked out with Finance & Accounting)
  • Produce, cheese, and bulk may be returned if:
    • Manager agrees that it is defective
    • If vendor gives refund for product returned
    • When less than 3% of product was delivered defective - MANAGERS must agree to validate this return
    • Managers can deny refund if they determine item is not defective, or if vendor denies claim
    • If customer continues to argue over refund, customer may reach out to mediation in Governance/Board

7. Membership Procedures- 25 mins

- household membership - will discuss further at Membership Committee meeting

  • how-to
  • POS and DB steps (James feedback)

- fees/status update procedure:

  • why are the fees more than $50 or $25 (i.e $31.25)?
  • No implemented system on when fees are due, timeline in which we charge fees
  • Incremental installments of annual fees shown on database
    • Anna checking POS monthly on fees paid
      • managers do not update fees on database
  • Managers make note of payments on POS
  • In order to reinstate membership, members need to owe less than $25
  • Managers in-store need procedure to deal with members who owe fees that are not in $25 increments
    • For now:
      • members pay exact fee owed
      • pay minimum needed to get below $25 (to become ACTIVE)
      • and/or pay using payment plan (sent in email from Jason)
  • how can we improve the current system?
  • More communication necessary between Membership and managers
  • Penalty shift is only column that managers touch
  • Managers no longer adding new members to database (only adding them to POS)
    • will be added monthly by membership committee

- exercise: review current flow chart and then identify areas of improvement.

8. Committee Liaison Updates- 15 mins

- Board update from Chris:

  • liaison position being terminated in 1 month, email for further specifics
  • Managers will occasionally attend committee meetings to stay updated
  • Refocus on in store procedures for staff members and re-commitment in member engagement within committees
  • Many liaison position roles will be covered by board liaison members, serve as a temporary chair in order to recruit for committee members to eventually run independently
  • Emails from committee will be handled in-store from store@
  • In order to make smoother transition, managers can work with chairs to write up detailed positions available on each committee
    • make recruiting simpler and faster
    • makes oversight easier
    • institutional memory documentation
  • Hours reallocated:
    • 2 hours/month for staff meetings
    • 2 hours/month for trainings
    • managers scheduled in advance to attend meetings
      • published rotation for who is getting paid to be there (shifts can be flexibly switched)
  • Monthly rotation for sourcing meetings, inventory shifts, and committee/general meeting
    • 1 manager per month
  • Inventory shift from 9:30-11pm every week (start date TBD)

- review meetings and minutes procedure:

  • Meetings and minutes should all be public
  • Formal meeting monthly
  • Minutes meant to document institutional knowledge
    • work sessions still important to document
    • will consult with governance in regards to informal meetings
  • Trainings required for committee’s in order to learn how to take minutes and upload onto wiki
    • will add to committee meeting agenda

- update report

9. Manager shift hours - Board

- Changing shift template to cut excess 30 minutes off of closing shifts:

  • Monday-Thursday & Sunday until 9:30pm
  • Saturday until Friday until 8:30pm
  • Beginning on 8/7/2017

- Open shifts remain the same

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