June 21, 2017

Outreach Meeting Wednesday
7:30 - 10:00pm

Facilitator: Fran
Minute taker: Fran

Fran calls meeting to order at 7:45pm

Attendees: Sara V. (Board Member), Laurel G. (store manager) , Melissa H. (Outreach member), Mari Pombo (Outreach member), Catalina C. (Outreach member), Chris Lepre (Outreach member), Fran S.(store manager)

Outreach events:

Recap and evaluation of past events

  • CEANYC annual meeting (Fran, Chris)
    • Chris and Fran attended Member Meeting and Annual Recap presentation.
    • BFC is in the CEANYC directory!
    • Copies of the Coop Directory are available in store.
    • CEANYC has been a great in terms of connections, resources, etc.
  • Audrey Jo Health Fair (Fran)
    • Recurring event, 4h year.
    • Community presence event and networking with Julie Dent.
  • Lancaster Farm Visit (Fran, Laurel)
    • Visited a farm cooperative in PA, very fun!
    • Future farm visits and field trips are in the works:
      • Edenworks
      • Unity Coffee
      • BK Grange
      • Myers
      • Bio-Dynamic Farm visit
      • Sure We Can (potential project)
  • Community Earth Day (Charlotte, Chris)
    • Continues to be a small event
    • @ Irving Square Park
    • Recurring event, 2nd year.
    • NYC Associated organizations, Councilman Espinal
    • New contact for healthy eating in schools (Chris Lepre has details)
    • Ideas for Nutrition Education Avenues
    • Mayday Festival of Resistance (Bruce, Jaclyn, Maria, Catalina)
    • First time event
    • Lots of interest from public
  • Coop Benefit Show @ Bunna (Fran, Laurel)
    • Successful event
    • Proceeds collected ($580)went to Ujima Working Together, Inc. who bought prom dresses for a few teenage girls.
  • Shape Up Bushwick (Laurel)
    • Pleasant event
    • Connecting with community partners
    • Young audience
    • 2nd year we attend
    • Police did zumba
  • Taste of Bushwick (Laurel, Cecilia, Lynn, Catalina)
    • Complicated in terms of our mission statement - ticketed event ($50~)
    • Very popular event, vendor samples.
  • Community Board Meetings (Chris)
    • Establishing community presence
    • Letting people know we are part of the community
    • Updates on community events :) YAY!
    • Great opportunity to learn about Community happenings
      • Interesting statistics
      • Local Politics
      • Data
      • Etc.
    • Next one is August
    • Hosted at Hope Gardens Community Center
    • Most organization that go up are service based organizations
      • We can do more as a store
      • We need to stress our cooperative model more than we already do
        • Work with Board, Sara, to come up with a “statement” that explains this more to our audience
        • “We have a voice” as shoppers and members.
        • We need to come up with an “elevator speech”

Upcoming Events

  • Coop “Summer Bash” @ Trans-Pecos (Fran, Laurel)
    • $5 suggested donation
    • July 16th, from 12-6pm
    • Invite Vendors, Coop Partners, Coop Friends
    • Family & Pet Friendly (find out about pets with Trans-Pecos)
    • Assign Tasks
      • Create To-Do List
  • Summer MAFCA meeting (Laurel, Sara, Chris)
    • Mid Atlantic Food Cooperative Alliance
    • Outside Philly
    • Big Summer Meeting in July (Check date on calendar)
    • Laurel is driving
      • Coordinate Car Pools
      • Send Invite to overall membership
  • Sourcing trips (Dor, Fran)

Event Suggestions

  • BFC picnic @ Maria Hernandez Park (Laurel)
    • Host a party, sometime in September.
    • Tabled for next Outreach
  • Inter-coop picnic @ Prospect Park (Sara)
    • TBD, inter coop- city coops
    • BBQ, cook-off
  • Workshop sessions
    • Mari Pombo (@ Trans-Pecos)
    • Table at the event
    • Food Fabric Dye station

Farmers Market (Laurel, Fran)

  • Number of days present
  • Products to sell
  • Table beautification


  • Trello Board (Chris)
    • Start using it more aggressively
    • Chris has offered to head projects
  • Outreach@
    • We need an email manager:
      • Melissa Helal has volunteered
  • Mailing lists
  • Event follow-up, sign-up sheets and coupons.
  • There are templates to send out a welcome email
  • All coupons, sign-up sheets, etc, should be given to Fran or Laurel.

Mission Statement

  • Needs more revision
  • Item tabled for next meeting

Social Media: item tabled for next meeting

  • Follow-up about policies re: promoting outreach events
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