Get Involved

We are always in need of member and non-member support. Since the Coop is a non-profit & member run organization, participation is key to our success and sustainability. If you're a member consider stepping up to help further the efforts of the Coop. For non-members, we hope that we can convince you to become a member with us, otherwise we greatly appreciate donations - even from our members! 😉


Become a member

When you're not sure how you can impact our world, how about starting with your community - join us in making an impact today!

join a committee

As a member, your voice is key to the success of the Coop. We could use your help, and the best part is we allow members to work for committees from home.

Make a Donation

Donations are an extremely useful way to help us sustain our non-profit operations. Donations assist with rent, non-member labor costs, repairs, debt, and expansion needs.