Take Action on GMO Labeling

Hi fellow Co-op members! Did you know that the USDA is accepting public comments for a proposed federal rule on GMO labeling? 

A law that requires GMO labeling on food products is something the large majority of US citizens want and it should be straightforward, but it's not. Pro-GMO businesses have been fighting tooth and nail to ruin this labeling effort, and they've even managed to design misleading smiley face labels for their products. So now, the three labeling symbols proposed by the USDA look this:


BE stands for "bioengineered" and is relatively unknown by the public. No wonder they chose it over GMO! The other proposal is for a QR code, an encoded image that must scanned by smartphones to read the label, thus making it instantly inaccessible to a large chunk of the population that doesn't have smartphones. And yet another proposal suggests that labeling would not be required on processed foods. 

These and many other issues are at stake so your comments matter! You have until July 3rd to make your voices heard. 

Here's an easy action you can take on this issue: