Stock up on Snacks for Super Bowl Sunday

By Kat Johnson

There are three types of people on Super Bowl Sunday: those who watch the game for touchdowns and tackles, those who only pay attention to commercials and the half-time show, and those who view the evening as an opportunity for maximum snack-age. No surprise, I fall into the snacking camp. I’ll keep up with the game, entertainment, and ads enough to have a water-cooler conversation on Monday, but for me, Super Bowl Sunday is all about food!

The best part about hosting or attending a watch party is that the snack spread doesn’t need to be fancy or take up much of your time! You can easily take a mid-afternoon trip to Bushwick Food Co-op to stock up on everything you need and have it ready by kick-off.

Here three easy ideas for Super Bowl snacks:

1. A New England Inspired Cheese Board

Rooting for the Patriots? Show your New England pride by grazing on some of New England’s finest cheese during the game. The Co-op currently has a wide selection from The Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont – including Alpha Tolman (Alpine style), Harbinson (soft and scoopable), Bayley Hazen Blue, Landaff (Welsh-style cheddar), and more! Grab a loaf of bread or two, plus jam or honey, and you’ll be the champion of cheese boards.

2. Southern California Style Mexican Fare


Does Tom Brady really need another Lombardi trophy? If you’re pulling for the LA Rams on Sunday, then make sure your snacks channel sunny California. The Co-op stocks tortillas, blue corn chips, locally-made salsas, and avocados! Pro-tip: set up a DIY nacho or taco bar for minimal cooking and maximum enjoyment.

3. Kick-Off Time Kick Back Snacks


If you’re throwing together – or attending – a truly last-minute Super Bowl party, you may think your snack options are limited. Not so! The Co-op has Ithaca hummus, Miyoko’s Vegan Cheese, BjornQorn, and a variety of chips and cookies. All you have to do is open and serve!

Bonus idea: If you have time for minimal cooking, hit up the co-op freezer. Grab Yeah Dawg’s vegan hot dogs and DuFour puff pastry. With very little effort, you can assemble some crowd-pleasing pigs-in-a-blanket. Yum!