Quarterly Meeting Recap

Didn't get to attend the Quarterly Meeting on January 13th? Here's what you missed!

We started with a rotation of four group workshops to help break the ice and kickoff the meeting. Board Vice President Jason taught us about fundraising options and opportunities for the Co-op. Fran, our General Manager, led an informational match-making game using the food terms glossary our Sourcing and Environmental teams use to ensure we're always getting the best quality food. Becca from Governance and Brittni from Ownership engaged groups with conversations about what Ownership means to each of us and the co-op as a whole. Owner Zack showed us how to properly compost in NYC and gave us a few snacks to munch on! 

Following the workshops, Ali and Chris from the Board gave a "State of the Co-op" presentation focusing on owner growth, progress, setbacks, and planning for the future. The Board asked owners to "Show Up" for each other and clearly communicated that the health of the Co-op depends on owner shopping and collective participation. Missed the meeting? The State of the Co-op presentation is available here.

Fran  took the stage and shared staff bios and demonstrated the value of focusing on the Cooperative Principles. Fran also encouraged shoppers and workers to focus on keeping a professional and friendly environment when interactive with store staff and completing duties. Check out more important store updates on the GM Store Report.

Next, Jesse, our Accounting Chair, led a presentation on the latest finances of the Co-op and encouraged those interested to support the Accounting committee - no experience required! For more information on the presentation or to join the committee, contact Accounting.

All in all it was a great meeting and the Co-op Ownership is energetic about the future! Thank you to everyone who attended and helped out.

See you at the next Monthly Meeting on February 11th!