Product Feature: Amaranth Bakery

By: Rukiya Jamison

Amaranth Bakery, which specializes in gluten free bake goods and sources through Lancaster, has a mission to provide healthy, nutritious and delicious gluten free baked goods.

We currently carry their 4 seed loaf, flatbreads, and a vegan loaf too. Amaranth is an ancient grain native to South America, and grown in Asia, Africa, and found in North America as a wild varietal known as pigweed. It's a cousin of quinoa, and is a great gluten free alternative for those with intolerances. 

Gluten free breads can sometime be made with too many starchy alternatives, lacking in sufficient nutrition. But Amaranth makes sure their products are high quality, good for you, and tasty. Give some of their breads and wraps a try and tell us what you think!