Product Review: Elmhurst Milked Walnuts

By: Rukiya Jamison

Elmhursts' Milked Walnuts are a revelation and delivered more flavor than I imagined it would. The co-op hosted a lettering class in February, to coincide with Valentine's Day. The class featured card making, chocolate tasting, and drinking chocolate. Equal Exchange has a vegan dark cocoa powder, which was exactly what we needed to offer members a plant based option too.

There are many Elmhurst milk varieties in store, which one to choose. With the suggestion of the manager  I choose walnut. Walnut milk for the win!!! The milked walnut hot chocolate stole my heart. Creamy, rich, deep notes of flavor, smooth, and highly addictive. Good organic chocolate helps too!

Go check out the great story behind this milk at to learn how rice milk pioneer Dr. Cheryl Mitchell, helped Elmhurst create nutritious plant based milk.

Have you tried any of the Elmhurst plant based milks? Let us know what you think!