How to Make Three Different Breakfasts with Only Four Ingredients

By: Sabrina Katz

In a city as busy as the Big Apple, we are always looking for convenience. Unfortunately, that often means buying things that aren’t good for our bodies or for the planet. But there is a way to make convenience easy as pie. Each of these four ingredients can be purchased at the Co-op, and packs a healthy punch thanks to the healthy sources of carbohydrate, fat, and protein. Here's what you'll need:
Non-Dairy Milk (we like vanilla-flavored!)
Organic Peanut Butter

Recipe 1: Banana Ice Cream
Take some frozen bananas, a splash of almond milk, and a few spoonfuls of oats and blend it all together in a food processor until thick and creamy. Top with peanut butter, and devour!

Recipe 2: Pancakes (credits for this go to @thrivingonplants!)
Blend 1.5 cups of rolled oats, 1 cup of non-dairy milk and 1 ripe banana. Heat a pan to medium heat and pour the batter into little pancake rounds (oil isn’t necessary if you use a non-stick pan). Flip when you begin to see bubbles. Cover with peanut butter, and they’re ready to eat!


Recipe 3: Easy Oatmeal
Place a cup of oats in a pot at medium heat with 2 cups of non dairy milk. Cook for a few minutes, then add ripe banana chunks. Add in a spoon of peanut butter and swirl in. It’s ready when the oatmeal is thick!

Being healthy on-the-go can always be easy and inexpensive. You just have to find the right recipes! What are your favorite breakfast staples? Let us know in the comments!

Sabrina is the blog team leader at BFC and lives a low impact, or "zero waste" lifestyle. If you catch her in the shop, you'll see her carrying tons of bags and (tared) jars, and deciding whether or not to go for the bulk dates or energy bites. Follow her through her blog or on Instagram @sustainablesabs.