Meet BFC's New Board Members

The Bushwick Food Cooperative held its annual meeting on Friday, April 12th at the MayDay Space, which included elections for the Board of Directors. Candidates gave short talks, which were followed by a vote by owners. Online voting was open prior to the meeting in addition to the in-person vote that took place. Candidates included Rebecca Webster, Amy Rahe, and Sarah Overholt, and all three were elected to the Board of Directors. Learn more about our new board members below!

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Amy Rahe is a strategy consultant focused on creating change within the anti-trafficking world through career development for survivors, dynamic partnerships between nonprofits and corporations, and shifting the narrative around funding.  She currently acts as a strategic partnerships and business strategy consultant for Survivor Alliance and is building out a new program to create more diverse career training for survivors through partnerships with nonprofits and companies.  Prior to this work, Amy acted as chief of staff and investment strategist at BlackRock, taught a class on domestic sex trafficking at UC Berkeley, participated in an advisory board researching the San Francisco Mayor’s anti-trafficking task force, and worked with MISSSEY in Oakland mentoring and advocating for youth survivors of trafficking.  She volunteers her time on the board of the Bushwick Food Co-op as Treasurer and to new entrepreneurs, helping them create business plans and operational structures.

One huge reason Amy loves the co-op is the emphasis on creating less waste! She loves buying bulk items and that her vegetables aren't wrapped in plastic with stickers everywhere. She’s excited to be on the board because of the amazing opportunity it presents to operationally and strategically set up the co-op for future success.

Sarah Overholt has been living in Bushwick for two years and in NYC (this time) for five years. Bushwick might be her most favorite neighborhood she’s lived in during her time in New York. She’s also lived in other countries, all in Latin America and most recently Nicaragua. Sarah grew up in Central Pennsylvania, near Lancaster. She currently works as a Director of a mental health program in the Bronx and has been working in health equity, access, and quality of care for many years.

She is planning to use her skills and experience to help the BFC grow and implement its next phase as part of the Bushwick community.

Rebecca Webster has lived in Bushwick for eight years and joined the BFC in the summer of 2018. Before joining the board, Rebecca served on the Governance Committee. Professionally, she is a Senior Editor at an independent Children’s Book publisher.

She’s thrilled to be on the Board of Directors to build on the amazing work already done to expand capacity and bring quality products to the Bushwick community. She loves the BFC for our passionate Member-Owners and for our food! She says that shopping at the BFC has improved her quality of life tenfold.

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